CalMac Ferries Limited Disclaimer

Menu systems
The menu systems of this site are designed to be highly accessible, and utilise clean structural code which provides context-sensitive navigation around the website. Each navigation area has a specific purpose and reflects a level of the website’s hierarchy.

Site map
This site has a fully automated hierarchical sitemap which you can find linked to prominently on all pages. The site map is designed to communicate the hierarchical structure of the website and provide quick access to all pages.

In commissioning the design of this website, we have made accessibility a clear requirement from the outset. This has been at the forefront of our minds in reviewing all design mock-ups, and we have taken guidance where appropriate on ensuring our design facilitates an accessible website. The website can be used on all devices using modern internet browsers, we do not support internet explorer 8 as:

This website is built using an accessible Content Management System (Rycramweb CMS) which we chose after a careful selection process. The Content Management System provides the technical framework which underpins all of the information published on this site, and as such, built-in accessibility is important. We have used the Content Management System in a fashion which does not undermine it’s intrinsically accessible technical foundation; we have used pre-tested and compliant modules within the system wherever possible; and we have taken time to research the accessibility features of the system and incorporated these carefully within our site in a fashion which we believe makes good use of the technology.